Saturday, September 21, 2013

HTC One Problems Roundup and Fixes

They say that if you can't succeed the first time, you should try again, maybe you'll get things right the second time. This is what hapenned with HTC One X's successor, the beautiful and remarkable HTC One. Although this smartphone was praised by most users and gadgets website alike, it still has its flaws and problems. In this article, I will try to gather some of the most important HTC One issues as spotted by users.

HTC One sound problem
There are a lot of users that reported an annoying noise coming from the sound system of HTC One, especially when the user is using headphones. The static noise is more often heard when the music is paused or when the tracks are chaning, in the pause between them. Also, popping noises have been reported when a notification sound plays. A possible fix for this problem is to turn of Beats Audio option from the notification panel and to turn of the NFC option. HTC has not release any statement regarding the sound issues encountered in HTC One, so it is still unknown if this happens because of the software or the hardware. As an aditional fix, you can try to use a different pair of headphones and see if the noise is still there.

Capacity buttons problem
In some cases, HTC One's capacity buttons will not work properly, and when you are trying to use the phone the buttons will not light up. In order to see if there is a hardware problem, you could try to cover with your hand the proximity sensor located in the upper left part of HTC One. If you see no light on the buttons, you may experience a sensor malfunction. Also, you could try to download Android Sensor Box and diagnoze your smartphone.

Unresponsive buttons
This is probably very annoying, since most users are using those two main buttons found under the screen a lot. There was no oficial statement regarding this issue, but I have few possible solutions it: you may try to touch the display few times before using the butoons (this may improve the buttons), you can try to calibrate them from the menu (Settings - Language & keyboard - HTC Sense input - Advanced - Calibration tool) and try to slightly touch them while calibrating and ultimately you may try to remove the screen protector (if you are using one).

Dead or stuck pixels
This is a common issue found in LCD screens, and since the HTC One is using a 4.7″ Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen, from time to time on of those pixels may get stuck on a specific color (red, blue or green). If the pixel is dead, you can do nothing about it. You may try to send the phone to the service and use the warrany, but I'm not sure they will replace the display just because there is a dead pixel. So, in this case, you'll end up with a display that has a tiny black pixel. If the pixel is just stuck on one of those colors (red, green, blue), you can try to use a stuck pixel remover from Play Store. If you are lucky, it will come back to life using that app.

HTC One is chargins slow
This problem was also encountered in HTC One X and it's a shame that they did not fixed it so far. I know, the HTC One has a big capacity battery and it needs a lot of time to charge. But man, charging that smartphone for 5 hours is just too much! HTC said that the charging process is slower in order to maintain the battery's health to maximum for a long period of time, but what about our nerves? So, the possible solution is to use the wall charger (which seems to charge the phone faster) and try to charge it over night (I know, it's a poor solution). Sorry guys!

Bad case, scratches
There are no other words to describe this issue. Some users reported that their HTC One had imperfect finishes. Strange bulges or gaps between the metal and the plastic were reported. If you bought a new HTC One and you don't like the build quality, the obvious solution is to return it and ask for a new one.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HTC One X Problems Roundup

HTC One X was one of the best smartphones of 2012 (at least from the features perspective). It has a clean and fashionable design, audio by Beats technology, a 4.7'' Super LCD2 display with a pixel density of 312 and a resolution of 720x1280. I've had this smartphone for a while and I must admit: if you go past the problems I will talk about in this article, it's an exceptional phone. The display produces amazing images, it features a sound technology like no other, I really loved the 8MP photo camera and the video recording was amazing. But...

The Display
The first thing you notice about a smartphone is its display. Although the One X features an amazing display on paper, it comes with many problems. First, you can experience discoloration of the screen if you press the digitizer too hard. Even more, the discoloration can appear even if you don't press the screen at all. My phone was dropped on the floor from 0.7 - 1 meter. Ever since, I noticed a yellow tint in the left bottom corner. It was not too big, but it was damn annoying, especially on white background. I've had many phones in my lifetime, and most of them got dropped on the floor sooner or later. But none reacted like this. And you don't want to know the biggest problem about the HTC One X display... If your device is out of warranty and you plan to change the display, you will never find a spare part that will match perfectly. Most of those spare displays are not even LCD2. So if you have a One X, take big care of it.

The Wifi
This problem does not appear on all HTC One X models, but when it does it's a mood breaker. You will never get full signal on your One X WiFi indicator, even if you stand at 1 meter from the router. Why? Well, the quad-core version has a problem with the WiFi antenna, making almost impossible to see any WiFi networks without pressing the backside of the phone. By pressing, you will make the antenna touch to the connector and rebuild the circuit. But this happens as long as you press the back of the phone. That's stupid, right? The fix for this is pretty simple, once you open the display (I strongly advice you not to try it by yourself, because you will damage the screen).

The Heat
If you own a HTC One X you know what I'm talking about. It heats like crazy once you use it for more than reading your mails. I was not able to find a fix for this problem, and I do think it's a hardware problem.

The 3G Signal
The One X automatically switch from HSDPA to 3G when the signal is low, making the battery drain faster. And if we are on this subject...

The Battery
I have not used the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the battery on HTC One X drains like crazy. I have never managed to use it via 3G for more than 2 hours. Maybe that's normal, but I got way better battery time on my N8, also on my iPhone 4.

The Sound
As I said in the beginning, the video quality when you record a video it's amazing. But the audio for that video is terrible. I have no words to describe the poor quality of audio recording. It's trash, just trash. I was really disappointed by this, because I really loved the camera on One X. Until now, there is no fix for it. The sound via headphones is great, but the speaker is not that great either. Although it features Beats Technology, my old iPhone 4 had better speaker sound than One X.

The charging time
You know what I hate more than a poor battery? A slow charging time. The first time I got my hands on One X, I got the battery down to zero in no time. I thought to myself: "I'll just plug it in my USB port and it will charge in no time while I'll play with it some more". After 20 minutes, my phone was still drained. The problem? The One X charges better when connected to electric socket, and not via USB. If you plan to charge it via USB, it will take a lot of time and you better forget it.

Other HTC One X problems
These problems were not encountered by me, but I've read about them on various forums. Sometimes, the screen acts crazy, showing random errors. Another problem encountered by users is not waking up when pressing the Power button. Other users experienced freezes when the phone was used for a long period of time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cracked HTC One X Replacement Display

If you dropped your HTC One X on the concrete and you cracked the screen, you are in big trouble. Let me say this again: YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE. I messed up my screen when I was trying to fix the WiFi connectivity problem on my own, and I interrupted some circuits on the digitizer. From that point on, I could never get to use the lower part of the screen. The image was perfect, but the digitizer was not responding at all. I said to myself: "no big deal, I'll just get a new one and that's it". Well, it's not that easy, because no GSM Service will glue the digitizer and the display perfect, and you'll get bubbles and all sort of strange stuff.

So what can you do?

Your only option is to buy a new complete display and digitizer setup. It's not an easy job, because every online store is packed with clones from china, that are not even LCD2. You will get poor quality display, with air bubbles or air trapped or pressure marks under the LCD problems. 

This HTC Replacement display is the best product I was able to find in UK.

HTC One X Wifi Problem Fix

WiFi Connectivity is probably the most common and the most annoying problem encountered in HTC One X phones. You will get this problem mainly if you have a Tegra 3 HTC One X model. When you try to connect to a Wifi spot, you will get no signal or poor signal, even if the router is very close. In order to see if the problem is present, you can try and compare the signal strength from two devices: the One X and another smartphone or laptop. If the signal is really poor on HTC One X and if you have a Tegra 3 model, then your luck run out... It seems that the manufacturers forget to make a strong connection between the mainboard and the Wiffi antenna. In order to test it, gently squeeze the back of the phone (the case), between the camera and the volume control buttons. If you'll see  a boost in signal, then you have a hardware problem, and no software fix will help.

This is not a cheap phone, and I was not expecting this from HTC, but... it happened and we can do nothing about it. But, even so, what can you do? If your smartphone is still in one year warranty, you can try and send it to HTC service. Of course, they will try and convince you that this is not a permanent problem, and will try every trick in the book like check some options and so on. If you're out of warranty then you should try a fix of your own. You can and check the box for " Best Wi Fi performance" found in Wifi Menu -> Advanced. This should give more power to WiFi antenna, but it will also drain the battery faster, and your signal will still be weak.

How to fix HTC One X Wifi Problem

Let me start with this: DON'T DO IT YOURSELF! I know there are few videos on Youtube on how to open and fix HTC One X, but I've tried it for myself and I messed up the display so bad, I had to change it. And that was not all, you should read about my display problems here.

So, you must go to a professional GSM service in your city and ask them to gently open your phone and fix the WiFi problem using this video as a guide:

The display is really fragile and expensive, so be sure to mention that to them.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

HTC One X Charging problem

HTC One X has few problems, some regarding the WiFi Connectivity, other regarding the display, and some regarding the charging time. Don't get me wrong, this smartphone is really fast and it looks amazing, but HTC could have done better designing it. So many loose ends, so many problems...

 HTC One X Charging problem fix

You should know that HTC will charge really slow compared to other smartphones. I mean, I was charging my iPhone 4S in one hour via USB cable, my Nokia N8 in two hours via USB cable, and my HTC One X in 5-6 hours minimum via USB cable. So, I read about this on some forums, and it seems that it needs more power in order to charge, and the USB connection could not provide that power. This means you have to use the charger, and forget about charging it via USB (if you're in a hurry). Even so, it will not charge that fast, but at least you'll get it full in 2-3 hours.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello World! Welcome to my blog

Hey folks, thanks for dropping by. I'm Mari, I live in Europe and I'm going to share some of the troubles I've encountered in my HTC One X. If you plan to buy this phone, this blog is for you, because it will get you prepared for the upcoming problems of HTC One X. If you already have the HTC One X in your possession, then you already experience some of the problems I'm going to talk about in my posts.

We are going to address problems like HTC One X Wifi and 3G connectivity, HTC One X Display Problems, HTC One X Display replacement, HTC One X Software problems.

I will try to keep the posts as simple as possible, and I will try to provide a fix for every problem that I talk about. Most of the solutions presented are from my own experiences with this phone, because I've had my share of problems with it...