Thursday, October 25, 2012

HTC One X Charging problem

HTC One X has few problems, some regarding the WiFi Connectivity, other regarding the display, and some regarding the charging time. Don't get me wrong, this smartphone is really fast and it looks amazing, but HTC could have done better designing it. So many loose ends, so many problems...

 HTC One X Charging problem fix

You should know that HTC will charge really slow compared to other smartphones. I mean, I was charging my iPhone 4S in one hour via USB cable, my Nokia N8 in two hours via USB cable, and my HTC One X in 5-6 hours minimum via USB cable. So, I read about this on some forums, and it seems that it needs more power in order to charge, and the USB connection could not provide that power. This means you have to use the charger, and forget about charging it via USB (if you're in a hurry). Even so, it will not charge that fast, but at least you'll get it full in 2-3 hours.


Kay said...

my phone can now be on charge for hours and the battery bar will be stagnant.even after restarting and it also drains fast.can you help me out please

Mary C. said...

Kay, have you tried to charge it via electric charger? If that doesn't work, you can always try a hard reset.