Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cracked HTC One X Replacement Display

If you dropped your HTC One X on the concrete and you cracked the screen, you are in big trouble. Let me say this again: YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE. I messed up my screen when I was trying to fix the WiFi connectivity problem on my own, and I interrupted some circuits on the digitizer. From that point on, I could never get to use the lower part of the screen. The image was perfect, but the digitizer was not responding at all. I said to myself: "no big deal, I'll just get a new one and that's it". Well, it's not that easy, because no GSM Service will glue the digitizer and the display perfect, and you'll get bubbles and all sort of strange stuff.

So what can you do?

Your only option is to buy a new complete display and digitizer setup. It's not an easy job, because every online store is packed with clones from china, that are not even LCD2. You will get poor quality display, with air bubbles or air trapped or pressure marks under the LCD problems. 

This HTC Replacement display is the best product I was able to find in UK.


Hristo said...

Hi Mary, I'm looking at your blog and it seems like you have a fair bit of experience with what might go wrong with HTC One X. I cracked my screen too and decided to buy the whole LCD+digitizer pack and replace them, but during the assembly something maybe went wrong and now I don't get any picture from the LCD. The PC recognizes the phone and the digitizer is responsive but I don't get any picture whatsoever. I checked the new display on a friends phone and it shows picture, which is really strange. Do you have any idea as to what might have gone wrong?
Thank you so much, and you got a nice blog!

Mollie Atkinson said...

Hi, I dropped my htc one x and I broke the lcd screen and had to replace the digitizer too! Iv got a slight problem it seems to work ok but my digitizer seems really sensitive and there's no volume anymore? What advise would you give me

Shayan Mahar said...

Hello my HTC onex digitizer not working it no damaged

Anonymous said...

Hi wonder my htc turns on but cant c anything on the the screen can some help me please